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Sony SDT-D9000 Ext. DDS3 tape drive NEW

Sony SDT-D9000 Ext. DDS3 tape drive NEW
Item# sony-sdtd9000-ext-dds3-tape-driv90003
Regular price: $455.00
Sale price: $225.00

Brand New factory Sealed. SDT-D9000 External DDS3 DAT drive, 12/24GB, SCSI SE (SDTD9000). The Sony SDT-D9000 is 60% faster than other DDS 3 drives with a compressed transfer rate of 2.4 MB per second. The SDT-9000 / DDS 3 tape drive can backup one gigabyte of information in less than 7 minutes. The Sony SDT9000 has a patented Super Head Cleaner that cleans the tape head during operation, improving performance by decreasing write errors. Flash memory allows for easy firmware updates. Fully compatible with DDS 1, DDS 2 and DDS 3 cartridges. Features: - 24 GB capacity and 2.4 MB/s sustained data transfer rate (with 2:1 compression) - Sony Hyper Metal™ Head reduces error rate by up to 10 times over conventional ferrite MIG heads - Backward compatibility to DDS 2 and DDS 1 tape formats - Sony's patented Super Head Cleaner™ mechanism reduces particle build-up on read/write heads. (SDTD9000)

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